gyoker The true power of curcume does not come from the leaves or branches, but from the roots. Therefore our capsules contain extract from the roots of Curcuma Longa. kapszula The main, and most beneficial ingredient of curcuma is 'curcumin'. Curcumin dissolves in water poorly, which means the absorption of its agents is far from optimal. However our Curcuma product was made by a special processing method, which enables curcumin to become water soluble.
gyomor Thanks to modern technology, our capsules have the best absorption value you could find. kosar Take control of your health using CURCUMA: order now!



"Unfortunately I have severe joint problems. For years and years my condition degraded. I tried everything I could, but the pain didn't go away. Only curcuma helped. Finally a product that isn't completely useless!"

Tiszakarád, F. Dezső (76 éves)

 "My husband had knee surgery, but the pain remains. He tried many things before, and now, for the past month he has been taking curcuma. He felt the improvement after 2 weeks. It helped him greatly. He can work again, and he just wouldn't stop walking around!"

Nyíregyháza, P. Ica (58 éves)